Woman Spring Born

A second knock and the door sprung open, someone had finally let me in. Countless doors knocked, countless questions asked Again and again, greeted with barren lands, the only relief were the the few manna pearls that had to be coaxed out. So I dragged my feet, on a lonely road my destination cloaked in... Continue Reading →

Stink – A Poem.

It’s been a year, And I’m starting to stink Of words unsaid for fear Of being told rethink But rethink I have and this much is clear (And I can say this without as much as a blink) Words are what my heart holds most dear.   It’s been a year, And I’m starting to... Continue Reading →

Can’t #relate.

When I was a little kid, all the books I read were limited to the books available in the school library which fortunately (and unfortunately, as I will explain later) had an abundance of British Children’s classics and other western literature. So I grew up reading Enid Blyton, Ann M Martin (The author of The... Continue Reading →

The Academy | Book Review|

It isn’t hard to think of all the things that can go wrong when a popular fashion blogger with absolutely no athletic or military background is thrown into the seemingly harsh and scary environment of an elite military school. The story focuses on Francesca Brooks, the writer of the popular fashion blog, FreshFrankie.com who wants... Continue Reading →

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